AMMF’s Change of Status

In 2002, AMMF was registered with the Charity Commission with the name,
The Alan Morement Memorial Fund (registered charity no 1091915), and with
the working title, AMMF.

Registered in 2002, The Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF)







Because of the continuing growth of the charity, AMMF’s trustees recently made the decision that the charity should transition as a legal entity from its existing unincorporated registered charity status to that of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This has involved lengthy work with the Charity Commission, but the new status is now approved.

As a CIO, AMMF has a new registered number with the Charity Commission.  The original charity and its registered number will always remain in existence, with all records submitted to the Charity Commission to date still available on the Commission’s website, but it is now very much in the background.

AMMF – The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity. A Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered no 1198095






The new CIO is officially known as: AMMF – The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity, with the registered number: 1198095.

The aims and objectives of AMMF remain unchanged and the charity’s work will continue seamlessly and without interruption.

August 2023