We know healthy eating is important, but research has shown that eating healthily can be beneficial for those with cancer, and that benefits may include a reduction in symptoms and treatment side effects, and improved quality of life.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care – Healthy Eating Guidelines

Penny Brohn Cancer Care – Healthy Eating Guidelines

Other important benefits to be found by eating healthily are enhanced psychological and emotional wellbeing, and this is thought to be due to the increased sense of control this gives, which can lead to a reduction in stress.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care the UK leaders in holistic care, has produced “Healthy Eating Guidelines’ for those with cancer, and this information can be downloaded by clicking here.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care has also produced a book, Nourish, which shows how to prepare more than 70 simple meals, snacks and drinks that are packed with nutrients.

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