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“My journey so far with Cholangiocarcinoma”

Andy Clay
Andy Clay

One afternoon at work, I went to the bathroom and noticed my urine was the colour of stewed tea. I went to see my GP after work and was confirmed to be jaundice with no other symptoms. A blocked bile duct was diagnosed. I was referred to a GI and an ultrasound showed a stricture of the bile duct. Gallstones were ruled out, so it was either a cyst or a tumour …

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“At last! They confirmed it was bile duct cancer.”

Judith Neptial

Judith struggled with bile duct problems all her life, which got increasingly more severe over the years.  In 2015 she reached a point where she felt she just could not go on with the constant fatigue, stomach pains and weight loss.  Despite surgery, chemotherapy, and endless consultant visits, it took until 2018 for Judith to finally get a clear diagnosis –bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) – and, at last, some effective treatment …

“I am no longer in pain, I feel stronger every day, and more importantly I now value every day …”

Judith shares her story here in her blog.

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“My beautiful life”

Sal Cheema

“If the risk of getting cancer in a lifetime is 1 in 2 and I have cancer twice, I believe I have taken one for the team. You are very welcome!”

Since 2018, Sal has been telling her story through her blog in her own, inimitable way, openly sharing details of her treatments, how they make her feel, her reactions to her scans and consultations, as well as anecdotes and fun times – and turning negatives into positives.

“I’ve been touched by people reading my blog, it seems to be reaching people across the globe…. Hello India, Mauritius, Canada and Bahamas – you lifted me today! I’ve had a personal chat with two new friends who are also struggling with life’s challenges and it’s so heartwarming to know I could reach out and help others. Even when totally run down, confined to a heap in your bed, I know you can make a difference to someone, somewhere else in the world … and that’s a mighty uplifting fact on its own!!”

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November 2022