AMMF Guest Post: Andy Spavins’ petition for more awareness of rare cancers

I have set up this petition in memory of my Dad, Mark Spavins, who passed away from Cholangiocarcinoma in August 2018. It is also in memory of everyone who has lost loved ones to cancer.

Rare and very rare cancers account for just over half of diagnoses, yet awareness is very low. The number of people being diagnosed with rare cancers is increasing, with the age of individuals being affected decreasing.

The primary objective of this petition is to call on the government to raise public awareness and funds for rarer cancers. These cancers can often be very aggressive, not diagnosed until the latter stages, and have very limited treatment options. This is why raising awareness and funds is vital.

Charities which represent rarer cancers are often smaller, overlooked, and do not receive the funding and awareness that the larger cancer charities receive.

The ethos of this petition is to represent all of the smaller cancer charities and support the idea of working collaboratively, to lobby the government to raise awareness and funds for further research. It is hoped that the government will work with charities that work in the area of rarer cancers, to consider the most effective ways to increase awareness, and how new funding can be best directed.

Please sign and share this petition with as many charities, platforms, groups, colleagues, family and friends as possible, so we can speak together as one loud voice to the government to push for change.

Thank you.

Andy Spavins

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February 2022