GP Awareness Campaign

The incidence of cholangiocarcinoma is increasing year on year, the age of those affected getting lower, but late diagnosis remains a major problem.  We desperately need to raise the awareness of this disease with the public and especially with the GP, the family doctor who is so often our first port of call when we feel we have a health problem.

First launched in Awareness Month, February 2014, AMMF’s GP awareness campaign is ongoing …

AMMF has produced a straightforward letter asking GPs to be aware of the insidious and often non-specific symptoms of cholangiocarcinoma.  We draw attention to the fact that slightly abnormal liver function tests can be the earliest sign, and it’s then that urgent assessment is needed if a possible window of opportunity for surgery, currently the only potentially curative treatment, is not to be lost.

The GP Awareness Campaign letter is available to download by clicking here. We ask all our supporters to get involved, by taking or emailing the letter to your own GP practice, and let us know when and where you have done this by emailing with “GP Awareness Campaign” in the subject line.

Please take part AMMF’s GP Awareness Campaign – you might just save a life …

June 2021