AMMF Research Grants – Applications

One of AMMF’s major objectives is to support specialised research teams in their work to find the causes, methods of earlier diagnosis, effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for cholangiocarcinoma (CC).

 AMMF welcomes funding applications from research bodies for cholangiocarcinoma work, but will also consider applications from researchers outside the immediate field of cholangiocarcinoma, but with innovative proposals relevant to our objectives (especially as part of a collaborative effort).

All grants applications will be reviewed and overseen by AMMF’s scientific advisors to ensure that funds raised will be spent as effectively as possible.

AMMF’s Terms and Conditions for the award of Research Grants:
AMMF ensures its researchers abide by a strict code of conduct. To read the Terms and Conditions under which AMMF’s grants are awarded, click here

The use of animals in research:
To read AMMF’s position on the use of animals in cholangiocarcinoma research, click here

March 2024: AMMF’s 2024 grant funding round is now OPEN to new applications.
For an application form, please email:

To see details of some of the grants AMMF has recently awarded, click here

March 2024