AMMF’s Discussion Groups

AMMF has three private discussion groups on the social media platform, Facebook. These groups are for all whose lives have been touched by cholangiocarcinoma, each offering a safe, private and informal space to talk, gain advice and understanding from each other, to share concerns, information, knowledge and friendship with those who understand the problems and difficulties being faced.

Every one of our cholangiocarcinoma family throughout the UK and Europe, and indeed from across the globe, is welcome to join these groups, to ask questions and share information about their own cholangiocarcinoma journey, to help and support each other through the difficult times and share with each other when the times are good.

To find out more about each of the groups and how to join them, please just click on the links below: 

For patients and carers: 

For patients only:

For those bereaved:

Please note: these are not medically based groups, and all details shared must be considered information only.

July 2023