Molecular Profiling: booklet and video

No two cholangiocarcinoma tumours are exactly the same. Even when they start in the same place, one person’s cancer cells can be very different from another person’s.   Cancer will vary from one person to the next, which means that even those with the same type of cancer may respond differently to the same treatment.

In molecular testing or profiling a small sample of tumour or blood is tested to see if there are gene mutations or rearrangements which ‘drive’ the cancer. If there are, then there may be a targeted treatment option.

Molecular Profiling Booklet

More detailed information on molecular testing or profiling is available in the booklet, “Molecular testing in cholangiocarcinoma”.  This explains about tests for faulty genes, and how these genes could guide treatment.  It also gives example questions to ask your doctor about molecular testing and targeted therapies.   

To download the booklet, click here

For printed copies, please email:  [email protected]

Molecular Profiling Video

To view the short animated video, “Cholangiocarcinoma and the importance of molecular testing” in English, click here

The video is also available in other European languages:

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For more information on molecular profiling and targeted therapies, click here.

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December 2023