AMMF’S New ‘Summer Snaps’ Photo Competition

Show it, snap it, send it!


New for 2019 – AMMF’s ‘Summer Snaps’ Photo competition will run from 15th July to the end of September. Whatever you’re planning this summer – at home or in far flung places – you can take part in AMMF’s awareness raising photo competition.

Show it, snap it, send it!

Whether you’re having a picnic, visiting the zoo, sightseeing in exotic places, or just relaxing on the beach (in Minehead or the Maldives!), make sure you have something AMMF* with you and that it’s showing when you take the photo.

So … grab a wristband and pop it on a sandcastle, or take a tote bag to a bazaar, it’s up to you. You can be as creative, funny or inventive as you like, just make sure you “show it, snap it, send it”!

AMMF Show it, snap it, send it!How to enter…..

Once you’re happy with your snap, simply send it by email to with ‘Summer Snaps’ in the subject line, along with some brief information and where you took your snap, and we’ll share it on social media.

That’s it. It couldn’t be easier!

The prize??

A £25 M&S Gift Voucher will be awarded to the lucky winner, selected at the end of September by the AMMF team (whose decision is, of course, final!)

Want some great tips on how to take brilliant pictures?

You already have the best camera
Most of us now own a smartphone and they are very capable of taking some great photos.

Up close and personal
Don’t use the digital zoom, it reduces the quality of your photo. Instead, move towards your subject.

AMMF - Show it, snap it, send it! Results Light is your friend- the built-in flash isn’t
Always try to take your photo in natural light. However, if you are indoors, try to be next to a north facing window (there might be a compass app on your phone!) This light will give you a soft even tone. Try to avoid the built-in flash, it’s unflattering, will wash out colour and nobody likes the scary ‘red-eye’ look!

Nice and steady
There is no need to rush! Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and shoot. This will give you a steady hand and a great crisp picture. If this doesn’t help and your photos are still blurry, rest your elbows on a table or lean against a wall.

Keep it clean
Give the lens a wipe before you take a snap, you don’t want a smeary lens ruining your shot.

Shoot from the hip … or the floor
Well not all the time but do try different angles to make it more interesting. Most photos are taken from chest height so they all have the same perspective, try getting down low or up high. It won’t hurt to take more pictures that you need!

Now you know what to do and how to do it, what are you waiting for … show it, snap it, send it!

*Lapel pins, wristbands, tote bags, t-shirts and much more, all in AMMF’s colours and with the logo, available from our online shop

June 2019