CC Awareness Month 2015 Guest Posts

Thank you to each person who took their courage in both hands and contributed a Guest Post for AMMF’s Facebook page during Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month 2015.

What incredibly moving stories were shared by those who have lost precious people to cholangiocarcinoma, from those currently undergoing treatment and from all too few “survivors”.

It was heartwarming to see the kind and supportive comments coming in on all the posts, and especially so to see the generous support and, yes, rejoicing, for those fortunate enough to have benefited from surgery and now living their lives normally once more.

The recurrent message coming across loud and clear is that there is still a desperate need for earlier and more accurate diagnosis, and for more effective treatments …

Although all the posts will remain on Facebook for posterity, they are now available here, in one place as a downloadable pdf.   There is a contents page – each name live linked to the post – and all photographs and live links to external pages have been included. (Comments to the individual posts are not included in the pdf – but remain on Facebook, of course.)

To read AMMF’s 2015 Facebook Guest Posts,  click here

“This is not one of the cancers that has glossy adverts and famous people suggesting you check yourself for lumps and bumps … “  Nikki Greenall

“Dad’s journey with Cholangiocarcinoma was mercifully brief, mine has only just begun.”  Samantha Parmar

“We are all part of a family … A family linked by one word; Cholangiocarcinoma.”  Claire Bradburn

“Stories of CC survivors gave us cause for hope during Derick’s illness and now bring us so much joy. They are proof that, if caught early, this disease CAN be beaten.”  Margaret McRobert

(A small quantity of brochures have been printed, and copies are available on request.)

March 2015