AMMF Awards Research Fellowship

AMMF awards a Research Fellowship to Dr Pui Man (Gemma) Choy

AMMF has agreed to fund a Research Fellowship at the Institute of Hepatology London for a period of two years, beginning March 2015. Grants totalling £82,060 will be made over this two year period to enable Dr Pui Man (Gemma) Choy to continue research on the molecular mechanisms of cholangiocarcinoma development that AMMF has already been supporting at the Institute1. This initial research has led to the identification of a novel protein, the discovery of which could lead to new therapeutic approaches.

Gemma has spent three years in Dr Salvatore Papa’s laboratory at the Institute as a PhD student, successfully submitting her final thesis and discussing her Viva in December 2014, and has been awarded her PhD.

The experiments in this research integrate cancer biology with biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics. Work at this level requires scientists trained in a multi-disciplinary fashion and to a high degree of competence. Gemma Choy, with her higher level of training, is considered well suited for the work proposed.

(As a testament to her capabilities, she was named a second author of a recent study in hepatocellular carcinoma under review at Nature Communication (2013 impact factor: 10.742).)

Gemma will be responsible for examining the role of MAPK in ICC carcinogenesis. Under the direct supervision of Principal Investigator, Dr Salvatore Papa, she will apply cellular and molecular biology techniques to the analysis of in vitro and in vivo models to address the questions outlined in the proposed research.

To read more about the research Gemma will be undertaking, click here


Dr Salvatore Papa, has commented, “We strongly believe that this project has great potential to contribute to fighting this outrageous and silent disease.”

Everyone at AMMF wishes Dr Gemma Choy the very best with her research, and looks forward to receiving reports from her as the work progresses.


1 To read about the previous cholangiocarcinoma research at the Institute of Hepatology, supported by AMMF, click here

March 2015