“Our CC Family” Launches Today

There is a new section on AMMF’s website, Our CC Family …

This is a family photo pinboard for everyone to use.  If your life has been touched by CC in any way – if you’re a patient, carer, friend, family member, supporter, fundraiser – then it’s for you.

We want to show that it’s real people who are affected by this disease – and give them a chance to say something about it …

(To go to Our CC Family home page, click the image, or click here )

On the main pages of the “pinboard”, there are several images which, when clicked on, open to a larger image on a separate page, and this is where the messages will appear beneath each photo.  (To see an individual page, click the image below, or click here.)

We know that, just like in any family, there is strength and comfort to be found in sharing experiences.  Would you like to share more than your photo and message with others?  If you would be happy for phone or email contact, just let us know when you submit your details and we’ll get the contact symbol added to your photo.

Please note, no contact details will appear on the website, all contact will be through AMMF in the first instance.

So, have a look – and join Our CC Family.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!

(Many thanks go to Chris Allum, Derick McRobert, Helen Tanner, Jason Eastwood, Malcolm Robinson and their families for their invaluable help and co-operation in getting Our CC Family off the ground.)

February 2013