Specialist Viewpoint No 3

Specialist Viewpoint – or cholangiocarcinoma as they see it …

Article 3 – the Surgeon’s Viewpoint

AMMF is running a series of articles from specialists giving their viewpoint on cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis, treatments and research. The third article in this series, from surgeon Professor Brian Davidson has now arrived, and what he has to say is very much to the point.

From commenting, “As surgery is the only cure all patients should be carefully evaluated in a specialist HPB Unit where there is a surgeon with experience in managing this condition …”,  describing what happens in the surgical resection, to his statement “Centres of Excellence for Cholangiocarcinoma Management are a major unmet need in the UK …”  Professor Davidson knows what the current situation is with all its shortcomings for CC patients, and has his eye firmly fixed on the future and how things should be.

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July 2012