Referral information

If your doctor is concerned that the symptoms you have indicate a liver problem, he or she will refer you in the first instance to a liver specialist for diagnostic tests.  This referral is usually made by the GP in writing to a named specialist.

If there is concern that the problem could be a liver cancer, then the referral should be an urgent one to ensure a consultation appointment is received promptly.

If you have received a diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), you may want to seek second opinion from a consultant who specialises in this disease, for confirmation of the diagnosis, additional advice, and reassurance that the treatment/s that may have been suggested are right for you.

To get a second opinion, you need to decide who you want to go to and then ask for a letter of referral to them from either your current consultant or GP, and then all your latest scans, reports, etc, will need to be sent to the chosen consultant for consideration by them.

Usually, all the details will be discussed at an MDT meeting (MDT meeting = multi disciplinary team meeting) and then the opinion and advice will be given based on those details.

(The scans, reports etc, are usually requested and sent hospital to hospital – there shouldn’t be anything for you to do other than request the referral letter be sent to the named consultant.)

Private patients

Private patients from the UK or abroad can select the hospital and consultant they wish to see, and make direct contact at the consultant’s private practice, or ask their doctor to write a letter to the consultant outlining the diagnosis, treatment to date and the reasons for referral.

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August 2020