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    People often ask why they should take part in a clinical trial.

    There are several areas to consider before entering a trial which may or may not help you:

    * You may gain access to a new treatment being tested, but it is important to remember that the drug trial or research study is only being carried out to find if the new option is better than the current standard treatment.

    * Clinical trials are essential in helping to develop better treatments, which may improve the future for many.

    * Taking part in a clinical trial may help you to feel that you are taking an active role in your own healthcare – and some people find this aspect beneficial.

    A comment recently made by a patient on one of the cholangiocarcinoma trials, illustrates how helpful being part of the trial was to her:

    “I was well looked after by all the team and being on the trial was helpful in feeling still in control of my own destiny, which was so important to me. So, even if the results of the trial do not end well, just the existence of it made a difference.”

    Taking part in a clinical trial, which may or may not help you, is an extremely generous action to undertake as it enables medics to find the best possible treatments for many in the future. But it is always your choice.

    There is list of cholangiocarcinoma clinical trials, currently available in the UK (or in set up and to be available shortly) on AMMF’s website. To see this, go to: https://ammf.org.uk/clinical-trials/

    Please note it is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations, and all details provided are for information purposes only.

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