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    My Dad found out he had Cholangiocarcinoma last Summer. On first inspection , they thought they could operate quickly, however, once they opened him up (this was September) the surgeon decided it was too risky.  He had Chemo until just before Christmas and had to have his bust stent replaced at New Year plus an infection. All that postponed his PET and CT scans. They restarted Chemo last week after the PET scan, but all of a sudden his surgeon requested a further CT scan, also last week, results today suggest surgery is the option and he’s had a date given of next Friday (8th). I’m pleased and scared in equal measure. Pleased that they think they can do this, and pleased it’s soon. Also scared as it’s a long operation and he’s 75 and all surgery has its risks, regardless of age/condition.


    Also, as is the law of sod, my husband leaves for a two week work trip 48 hours after the op which leaves me home alone with the children and not an easy issue to get to see Dad in hospital (distance/time is not impossible, but not easy) whilst dealing with the day to day business of their schedules and no air cover.


    I have no idea how quickly I might be able to see him – does anyone have any experience. He is expected to be in for one week, and when he comes out, my husband will still be away so not sure how much I can do to help from this distance. What if I need to drop everything and go at short notice? Not to mention supporting my mum of course.


    Anyway, just wanted to off load a bit, thank you for reading.

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