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    Malcolm R

    My Name is Malcolm and I am a cholangiocarcinoma survivor.

    My hope here is that others will find my return to good health and doing all that I did before and more a positive story for a possible recovery.

    An operable tumour location and the physical strength to survive surgery at the liver disease centre of excellence that is to be found at the Bexley Wing of St James’s Hospital Leeds are part of my good fortune. The surgeons and especially the nursing staff of the intensive care units deserve nothing but praise for their key roles in creating a way forward for all survivors.

    The search for information also brought Susan and me to AMMF which continues to be a beacon of hope and to shine a light in some very dark places.

    I have been fortunate to take part in a number of information sharing days when researchers and supporters come together to exchange details of areas of progress in all matters related to CC.

    I was particularly pleased to hear and read of the positive outcome for the Bilcap medical trial that I took part in following my Whipple operation.

    AMMF brings individual families and friends closer together into one larger family of those affected by diagnosis. We survivors read of the fundraising stories in memory of the vast majority of those affected with great sadness particularly those who are younger and with their own children who will miss so much that we experience.

    I am convinced that all the events, efforts and exertions of everyone in support of AMMF will in the future bring about a set of circumstances that will result in many more positive stories like mine.

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    Hi Malcolm

    Thanks for sharing a survivors story.

    It gives hope to those newly diagnosed that there can be a positive recovery.

    Best wishes


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