The Work of AMMF – An Overview

This video, which was shown for the first time at AMMF’s annual conference on 10th May 2018, encapsulates the work and ethos of AMMF, the UK’s only cholangiocarcinoma charity.

Founded in 2002, AMMF was the world’s first charity dedicated solely to cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). Today, AMMF remains the UK’s only cholangiocarcinoma charity.

AMMF provides information and support to those who need it, campaigns to raise awareness of this devastating disease, and encourages and supports specialised research teams in their work towards better diagnostic techniques and treatments and, ultimately a cure.

AMMF works closely throughout the UK with patients and their carers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, researchers, politicians and policy makers, as well as actively collaborating internationally.

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May 2018