AMMF Cholangiocarcinoma Conference 2018 – Speakers

AMMF is very grateful to each of the specialists, scientists and researchers, all of whom are at the forefront of their particular cholangiocarcinoma field, who gave so generously of their time to present what’s new in research, treatments and clinical trials, at our 2018 conference.

AMMF is especially grateful to Andrea Sheardown and Ben Francis who both gave presentations on how cholangiocarcinoma has touched and changed their lives.  These presentations were exceptionally moving and inspirational, and we applaud them both for their courage in doing this, and for being so generous in allowing us to share their slides.

All the slide presentations we have been allowed to share can be accessed from the images below.

Professor Shahid A Khan
“Monitoring trends in CCA and why coding is important”
To see Professor Khan’s slides, click here

Dr Hayley Whitaker
“BI-010 Update”

Dr Simon Rushbrook
“The Aspirin Question”
To see Dr Rushbrook’s slides, click here

Mrs Andrea Sheardown
“A patient’s eye view”
To see Andrea’s slides, click here

Professor David Bates
“Growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in Thai and UK CCAs”

Mr Marc Quinn
“Extrahepatic CCA research”

Dr Luke Boulter
“Discovering driver mutations in CCA using forward genetics”

Dr Ben Dwyer
“TWEAK/Fn14 signalling work – an update”

Mrs Sally Siddique
“Introduction to the Penny Brohn Whole Life Approach”

Professor Richard Syms
“Imaging of CCA – research update 2018”
To see Professor Syms’s slides, click here
Please note: as this is as yet unpublished work, Professor Syms has removed some of the data.

Mr Hassan Malik
“Surgery for CCA – an update”
To see Mr Malik’s slides, click here
(Please be aware: these slides contain graphic surgical images)

Dr Ben Francis
“A personal perspective – on behalf of Nicholas Francis”
To see Ben’s slides, click here

Dr Chris Wadsworth
“Endoscopy – overview and update”

Professor Maria Hawkins
“Where we are with radiotherapy for CCA”
To see Professor Hawkins’s slides, click here
Please note: for copyright reasons, Professor Hawkins has removed images of radiotherapy plans.

Professor Juan Valle
“Clinical trials and targeted therapies for CCA – an overview”
To see Professor Valle’s slides, click here

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