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Anthony (Tony) James Turner

My Dad was diagnosed on Wed 27 Feb 2019 and at 3.50am on Saturday 16 March, 18 days later, he had left us and left a big hole in our small family. It was unbelievable how quickly it happened, and we never had a chance to take it in. He had only been admitted with a swollen stomach and no treatment was available. The specialist had told my Mum and Dad that he had weeks or months but then told me a few days later "you have 10 days" (I never told Dad) and I didn't believe him! We had been to the canteen for lunch and put our bets on the horses and had a cheeky McDonald's toffee latte I had brought in. Dad said he was 'cooking on gas', he felt ok and wasn't ready to be going anywhere and that was good enough for me and Mum but how quickly it took hold in the last few days.

My Dad was an amazing man, believed in me and spurred me on to be the woman I am today and my best friend. Beryl, his wife (my Mum), was the love of his life. They were an unbreakable team and he doted on his grandkids Corbz and Phoenix. He loved horse racing, fishing and football. He spent the last days at Selby War Memorial Hospital with me and Mum by his side and the grandkids coming in to keep Grandad on his toes. He passed in Mum's and my arms as we promised we wouldn't leave him. It still seems so surreal.

We love and miss you.
Love always and forever
Wife Beryl
Grandkids Corbie and Phoenix
Daughter Stacey.


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