CC Day 28 – Guest Post by Beryl Jones

I am happy to feature once again in Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month’s Guest Posts and to finish the month with my positive story.

I always follow the CC Family on AMMF’s website and Facebook page and it brings me to tears to read about everyone battling this ruthless cancer, and to see so many lovely people lost, and many younger people being affected too.  It makes me ask, “Why have I survived?” But I have, and as Bill and I enjoy our regular winter break in the sunshine of Tenerife, I feel I have been so lucky.

When cholangiocarcinoma interrupted my life 9 years ago, I thought that was the end for me. But nine years on since my surgery I am living proof that with early diagnosis and a brilliant surgeon, this disease can be beaten.

I will continue to share my positive story and do all I can to raise awareness and fundraise for AMMF to help support research into better ways to that all important early diagnosis. I hope others will be encouraged by my story to help too, so that very soon there will be many more positive outcomes like mine.

Thanks for all the hard work of everyone at AMMF!

Beryl in sunny Tenerife