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Beryl Jones
I first felt a 'pin prick feeling' in my stomach and when I went to my GP I was told there was nothing to worry about. Then it started to wake me in the night, so I went back to the GP who told me I would have to wait eight weeks for a scan. I arranged for a private consultation and after the scan I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. After undergoing surgery at Aintree Hospital, the tumour was removed. That was twelve years ago, and I am cancer free!

I am determined to continue to raise awareness of this disease and to fundraise for AMMF who supported me during my treatment. I know I am lucky, and I'm always so concerned for people with a poor prognosis - my aim now is to do whatever I can to help anyone diagnosed with CC.

Beryl Jones

Top Photo: Celebrating in Tenerife
Middle Photo: Me and my amazing surgeon, Mr Hassan Malik.
Bottom Photo: Me and my husband Bill in our 'cuddle chair'

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