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Graham Rose

My husband Graham Rose was an energetic, lively, extremely funny, talented and very kind and loving husband and father. He had never been ill in the 40 years we had known each other and then one day he was struck down overnight by cholangiocarcinoma. It came from nowhere and turned our life upside down. Six months later he passed away. He had the best treatment but it was not enough.

My daughter Kats and I have had brilliant support from friends and family. We have also received some very generous donations to the charity. I am so pleased that we have been able to make something positive out of such sadness.

I have such wonderful memories of my life with Graham. I am very lucky to have spent so much of my life with a unique, funny and extremely kind, loving and generous man. And if we can help raise awareness and support research into this devastating disease then he will not have passed away in vain.

Pauline Rose


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