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Nikki Petrie

Nikki died just 5 months after her first CC symptom and never really got a chance to get a fighting grip of her cancer. Despite her surgeon (forever affectionately known in our family as Mr T) battling to find a way around every challenge thrown at her, as quick as a plan was put in place to deal with one issue another reared its head. Stents, liver bulking, liver drains, aborted surgery, gastric bypass, E. coli infection and a liver abscess were just some of what she had to endure. She threw everything she had at CC but our brave and beautiful Nikki died aged 41 on 17th March 2013.

We know she is no longer with us but we never have to look that hard to find her wee signs. Nikki always had 'sprinkles' that she would put in wrapped presents or sprinkle on the table at Christmas. When we buried Nikki, instead of earth we sprinkled confetti stars and on special days, the kids sprinkle the grass at her grave with stars. Our Mum often finds a star on the carpet in the house and the week before our Dad died from cancer, every day we found a star on the carpet. On the weekend of her fundraiser, her husband found a star on the passenger seat of his car. Wherever we are we take her with us, forever 41 and beautiful.

'The light of a star continues to shine long after the star itself is gone, In memory of Nikki Petrie'

Clare and Kirsty


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