Leaving a Gift in your Will

Unbelievably, we are losing well over 2,000 people per year to cholangiocarcinoma in England alone – and the number is increasing year on year throughout the world. Why?  The majority are diagnosed far too late to benefit from potentially curative surgery, and there are still few other treatments. Leaving AMMF a gift in your Will would help our work in:

  • raising the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma
  • providing information to those who need it
  • encouraging and funding specialised research, especially into finding biomarkers for early detection, and far more effective treatments for cholangiocarcinoma – improving the future for so many.

Why write a will?
Writing a Will is the only way you can be certain that your wishes will be followed after you die. Although having a Will is not a legal requirement, it is the only way to ensure that your estate is passed on to the people and charities you want it to go to. Without a Will, the legal system will decide who receives what from your estate. By writing a Will you will be able to control where your money goes after you are gone.

Family and friends first – then please think of AMMF …
We understand that family and friends come first, so once you have taken care of your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to AMMF that will make a real and lasting difference.

The different types of gift you could leave:

A fixed sum of money
Also known as a pecuniary gift, this is a gift of a specific amount of money. If you decided to leave this type of gift it is worth reviewing it from time to time as inflation can reduce its value.

A share of your estate
Once you have provided for your loved ones, you can leave a gift to AMMF.  It can be any percentage you like and gift is a proportion of your estate.

We strongly suggest that you speak to a solicitor when making a will, and for advice and help with the wording of your gift.

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