International patients requesting medical treatment in the UK

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Treatment in NHS hospitals is free to people who live in the United Kingdom.

Some visitors to England do not have to pay for NHS hospital treatment because they are within an exemption category.

The exemption categories only apply to people who are not ordinarily resident in the UK. People covered by the immigration health surcharge and some visitors from EEA countries and Switzerland may also be exempt from charges for NHS healthcare.

Visitors from non-EU countries that have a reciprocal healthcare arrangement with the UK may be covered for some treatment needs.

For more information on the exemption categories, see:

For information about accessing NHS services in England if you are visiting from abroad, see:

If you wish to receive treatment in a European State and want to know if the costs will be met, see:

International patients – sponsored or self-funding

Private treatment is available to international patients at many of the UK’s major hospitals. Each will have offices and administration staff who can offer help and advice – please contact the individual hospital.

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July 2023