Imperial College London

Dr Shahid Khan

In October 2014, AMMF approved a grant of £30,000 to help support the setting up of a national cholangiocarcinoma biobank at St Mary’s Hospital on the Paddington campus of Imperial College London.

This grant was given to help fund the costs associated with employing a technician to set up the biobank, and for the purchase of necessary equipment and consumables.

This biobank is now established and cholangiocarcinoma patients, relatives, and friends are able to donate their samples, which, along with a record of their medical, dietary and exercise history, will make this an invaluable resource in the field of cholangiocarcinoma research.

Interested in donating to the Cholangiocarcinoma biobank?

Everyone’s samples are valuable for the biobank – patient, family, friend, colleague.  If you would like to donate samples of your blood and urine (very small amounts and painless!) to the biobank, please call biobank co-ordinators Thomas Barbera on: 0203 312 5961 or Larry Koomson on: 0203 312 5806 to arrange an appointment.

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