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Cholangiocarcinoma Bereavement Support (UK & Europe)

AMMF has a private space on Facebook especially for all who have lost a loved one to cholangiocarcinoma, offering an informal space for people to talk, gain advice and understanding from each other and with the cholangiocarcinoma family throughout the UK and Europe, and across the globe.

End of Life

We are often asked what to expect when a loved one is near the end of their life. Whilst we cannot say exactly what will happen, we hope this information will give you some insight on what to expect and so help you be better prepared.

Please note: The information provided may be sensitive or distressing for some readers. AMMF is sharing these details to help patients’ families and friends have a better understanding of what to expect when preparing for the death of a loved one. Read More 

Listed below are UK organisations and web-based resources that may be helpful.

Dying Matters

The Dying Matters website has a wealth of information for those approaching the end of their life, and for their carers, relatives and friends – helping people to talk more openly about death, dying and bereavement, and to make plans for the end of life. There’s much very helpful, practical information on what to expect, planning ahead, what to think about…

The Centre for the Grief Journey

A comprehensive online resource for those who are grieving.

Cruse Bereavement Support

Cruse is the leading national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – offering support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies…

Cruse Scotland Bereavement Support

Cruse Scotland works to promote the well-being of bereaved people in Scotland – seeking to help anyone experiencing bereavement to understand their grief and cope with their loss…

Winston’s Wish

Winston’s Wish was the UK’s first childhood bereavement charity and continue to lead the way in providing specialist child bereavement support services across the UK, including in-depth therapeutic help in individual, group and residential settings.


GriefChat is a safe space for grieving or bereaved people to be able to share their story, explore their feelings and be supported by a qualified bereavement counsellor. In addition to this, GriefChat can help bereaved people to consider if they need additional support and where to get this from.

AMMF has no relationship with any of the organisations listed here, other than the reciprocal imparting of information. Links are provided for information only.

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