Grants Made

One of AMMF’s major objectives is to support specialised research teams in their work to find the causes, methods of earlier diagnosis and treatments for cholangiocarcinoma.

To this end, the charity is involved with the research team at Imperial College London, and has directly funded the preliminary study of proteomic profiling in bile, and also genetic analyses. Professor Simon Taylor-Robinson and Dr Shahid Khan commented, “These two studies would not have been possible without AMMF support and we are very grateful.”

AMMF has agreed with Imperial College that the charity would fund a Research Fellowship for a year beginning October 2011.  The work planned should enable a move forward from the preliminary research into cholangiocarcinoma proteomics and genetics, which the charity helped to fund, and which has shown promising results.

During 2011 AMMF has also given a grant to help support Cancer Research UK’s BILCAP trial.


Grants made

•  Imperial College

Cancer Research UK / BILCAP Trial

•  Birmingham University

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