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    I was initially diagnosed with bile duct cancer three months ago and now having had more tests have had it confirmed it has moved along the  system to be not only in my liver, probably the gallbladder but also the stomach ..the latter my own feelings had told me anyway.

    Only option is chemo ..without I am told I have four to twelve months, with chemo a year.  Having had stents recently fitted I am currently feeling better than I have for many months and do not want to risk losing this by starting chemo if it is going to knock me for six and not be of any use anyway!  Why not just make the most of the time.

    I appreciate that it is easier to post when things have gone well for you and there is lots to be positive about.

    But to help me come to a decision I would like to hear from those who had negative as well as positive experiences with chemo….and from those who maybe, as I in many ways do, feel chemo is not for them.  I might add I have no family ….clearly those with young children have special reasons to hang on to every day of extra life.  

    Whatever decision anyone takes ….none are wrong.  Each to their own.  But for me it is definitely quality rather than quantity and my manta has become Que sera sera.

    Many thanks for any help forthcoming.



    We would love to know the answers to Gills question.

    We are facing the same decision.

    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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