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    Hi everyone

    For many people who have advanced CC, surgical resection may not be possible. It would be interesting to hear about what treatment options people have had and what worked for you or didn’t work?

    My Dad who was fit for chemo started with Gemcitabine & Cisplatin (Gem/Cis) and this is the proven 1st line treatment for UK patients with inoperable CC. It didn’t work for him and after 3 cycles he was off the combination. This decision was made due to a combination of tumour progression on CT scan and also deteriorating liver function (ALP was through the roof making chemo unsafe). Otherwise he tolerated the chemo OK with some symptoms of anaemia.

    His liver function was never great from here on which became an issue for clinical chemo trials. He went on Traditional Chinese Medicine for approx 4 months and although he tolerated this well it was about as effective as the chemo with a further follow up CT showing similar progression. His liver function continued to deteriorate and this was down to his stents blocking up. He had new stents on top of the old put in and everything improved. As his disease was confined to the liver he was eligible for SIRT but there was some concern that it could tip his liver function and with his tumour now at 9cms, the interventional radiologist had concerns. So much so that he asked for a second opinion from another clinical expert. The response was it had to be tried (Dad was fit and well) and that doing nothing was not an option So he had SIRT and he did feel very tired and had some low grade infections. He was put on longterm prophylactic antibiotics and he did recover from the SIRT. Unfortunately subsequent scans showed that the SIRT was ineffective

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