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    When you have been given a serious or terminal diagnosis, getting travel insurance to have a much needed break can be difficult.

    AMMF has prepared some brief hints and tips, and a list of companies who specialise in travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions, including cancer – some companies state they will cover those with a terminal prognosis, others will cover those with secondary tumours, undergoing chemotherapy, or who are between chemotherapy treatments.

    To see the list, click here

    If anyone has found a company that is prepared to provide travel/medical insurance for cholangiocarcinoma patients, and which might be helpful for others, please feel free to post about this here.

    Please note: AMMF has no connection with any of the insurance companies on the list, and cannot give recommendations for any company, nor be sure if they still offer cover as listed. Many times companies change what they will and won’t cover, so it’s best to contact them direct to see what they currently offer.

    It is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations of any kind, and any details provided are for information purposes only.

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