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    Rosalyn Joy Postance 11th February 1952- 27th June 2016

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    Brian, Rosalyn’s husband, has kindly agreed for AMMF to share her thoughts on her terminal diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma. We hope you find them as inspirational as we have.

    My thoughts
    Life has been a bit like a journey – some of it uneventful, lots of it interesting with some adventures on the way – it’s the choices we make through the experiences as they arise that determine how much we get out of it.

    I like to think that my journey has been just as I would have wished it – I’ve been so lucky – hardly any hiccups on the way; an easy journey with no major problems. We all know what is at the end of our journey and if we’ve been enjoying the travelling, don’t want it to end, so put off thinking about the final destination unless, like me, it presents itself unexpectedly.

    In some ways, knowing the means of my ending is a chance to assess my life and I’ve had a brilliant one. I had a happy, sunny childhood within a loving and extensive family, a terrific time as a young adult, socialising, travelling to Africa, being as independent as it’s possible to be while still living at home, studying my choice of subject at college, working hard and enjoying my career.

    Meeting Brian in my twenties and realising he was the one for me, having 2 amazing sons, both very different but both getting on so well, has been a real joy.

    I have a choice – either fall to pieces and wail at how unfair life is, or get on with the time I have left, with a positive outlook, enjoying the time I have left with the family and friends I love around me.

    I have no regrets. I hope that everyone I know will talk about me often to each other and smile at good memories. I know I have many.




    Beautifully written. Ros, may you be well talked of, remembered and rest peacefully


    Jodie J

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Ros and I hope you’re up there partying with my dad now. Please teach him the ropes, you’re a brave brave lady bless you xx



    Rest in peace, Dear! I am sure you will be missed greatly and will always be talked about with smiles and laughter

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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