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    Today in The Telegraph:

    “So in the end, the junior doctors blinked first. They had tried their worst, staging several walkouts, but found that Jeremy Hunt didn’t buckle quite as easily as the other Tories. You can understand their confusion: David Cameron and George Osborne have been the Torvill and Dean of political u-turns, pirouetting at the slightest hint of opposition. But the Health Secretary spent six months fighting the doctors’ unions without budging from his goal of a seven-day NHS. The fight was unwanted and, at times, unedifying. But he can still chalk it up as a win.”

    You might not agree with this article, but it makes thought provoking reading:



    Or it could easily be said that the JD didn’t fold as easily as JH envisaged. It looks to have taken a bit out of him this ongoing saga.Now the BMA will put it to their members and i predict it will be a majority acceptance but watch this space! The consultants are next on the hit list and then who knows….it may be the rest of the nursing and allied health staff. It could be a ‘long war’ and the JD contract being the first of many battles 

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