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    My father was diagnosed with inoperable CC in Nov 2018 and started 6 cycles of GemCis in mid-Jan 2019.  He had lost a significant amount of weight and was not really eating but the chemo really helped him feel much better – and he put lots of weight back on thanks to returning to a healthy appetite.  Although we know his CC is inoperable and that treatment is about extending life and supporting as good a quality of life as possible, it was wonderful to see Dad tolerate the chemo so well and be looking so well.  His scans have shown CC is pretty stable, with his most recent, post-chemo scan showing no significant changes from the one before.  What’s heartbreaking is that 3 weeks ago he started to feel uncomfortable again (bloated, constipation symptoms) and he’s not eating again – living on complete nutrition shakes in the main.  His consultant last week was disappointed he hadn’t had a longer period of feeling good post-chemo and put him on daily steroids before booking him in for a follow up in two weeks).  Steroids aren’t really having any effect after just over a week; he’s still eating very little and is very tired.  Hard to know if this is the beginning of an irreversible decline or whether it’s a road bump.  I’m in bits.   Any advice on things to ask the consultant when he sees her again next week?  I’m thinking he should ask about biliary duct stenting…. Thanks in advance.




    Dear SBee

    I so sorry to learn from your post that your father has become so unwell after such a short time of feeling better.

    There are a number of reasons why your father is feeling like this, but it does need investigation.  So, as far as what you should ask the consultant is concerned, it is important that you explain all the symptoms that you father currently has – writing a list is useful so that you don’t miss anything out – as that should give significant clues as to what is going on.

    Your father would only need a biliary stent if his cancer was causing a blockage in a bile duct or ducts, and preventing the bile from flowing as it should.  I’m sure the consultant will request blood tests to be run, including a full liver function test.  That way it will be seen if, for example, your father’s bilirubin level is raised indicating that perhaps there is a blockage. Then further tests would need to be done.  But this is certainly something you could discuss at the appointment.

    With kindest regards,



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