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    My father has recently been diagnosed with CC. It all started when he was unwell at Christmas . Within two weeks he had lost his appetite, became  very lethargic and  Jaundice. GP referred him for an USS and that was a two week wait , in the meantime he had a high temperature and having been a nurse for 13 years I suggested he went straight to A and E . He was admitted straight away and over a few days he received CT x 2 aswell as MRCP and after a week, we were given the likely diagnosis which was then confirmed ( inoperable hilar tumor, palliative stents and chemo recommended). Dad received a stent just over a week ago ( two should have been placed but for now he has one which doesn’t seem to be effective )  and was discharged from hospital before the weekend. Since his discharge he has had a temperature, sometimes spiking 40 degrees – GP advised 999 due to him having high heart rate, Low blood pressure , vomiting and fast breathing.  My Mum did call, but after waiting 5 hours for an ambulance his condition improved and temperature came down, so paramedics didn’t take him to hospital. They suggested an out of hours appointment where we were given more antibiotics.

    We were happy to keep a close eye on him over the weekend at home,there has been no more vomiting but temperature remains and I’m hoping the nurse specialist can shed some light tomorrow ( I did try and contact her when this all took place to no avail) as I’m sure he will need blood cultures/ different antibiotics. I am wondering how people have found their nurse specialists because ours is impossible to get hold of.

    There has been little advise of where to seek advise for my Dad or support . He is deteriorating before our eyes … it’s utterly heartbreaking to see.




    Dear slou83

    I’m so sorry to learn from your post that your Dad has been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, and that he is having such a difficult time.

    Please note it is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations, and all details provided are for information purposes only.

    It certainly sounds as though your Dad needs to have an appointment to check what’s happening with his stent – important though stents are, problems often happen.

    Whenever an episode occurs such as your Dad has just been through, it could well be the start of a biliary tract infection (cholangitis), which can rapidly become serious.  The symptoms can include the following (although not necessarily all of them):

    • High temperature/fever
      • Shivering, shaking
      • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes or both)
      • Change in stool or urine colour (pale stools, dark urine)
      • Itching

    It is strongly recommended that if any of these symptoms develop, they should not be ignored. It is important to contact your doctor or CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) immediately for advice, as antibiotic treatment may be needed and the stent should be checked and may have to be replaced.

    As a nurse you will have a better understanding of the situation than most – and  you have done all the right things but, unfortunately, those in the emergency services or in A&E are often not aware of the complications and dangers associated with biliary stents.

    If your Dad’s temperature has remains high, this has to be for a reason.  The GP might be best placed to help you get emergency treatment, as you are right, your Dad may need specific antibiotics and, as said, he really needs to have his stent checked.

    If all else fails, call 999 and tell them you suspect sepsis …

    With kindest regards






    Please note it is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations, and all details provided are for information purposes only.



    Thank you Helen for your response. The GP has sent my father to hospital with some bloods and an assessment letter , fingers crossed he is feeling somewhat better soon.

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