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    Good Morning Guys.

    I live in Brisbane Australia.

    To date I have had wipel surgery to remove the tumour in 2014 unfortunately a PET scan in July 2016 found a secondary which was FDG avid, located in the in the lymph node portcaval area measuring 20mm, I am presently on chemotherapy which has shrunk the tumour from 20mm to 4mm, my c19 markers prior to chemo were 1200 now 13, the tumour is no longer FDG avid, the last two PET Scan shows no other tumours.

    I am looking at any other treatment options that have been successful me i.e Surgical, Targeted, etc.

    As well as the chemotherapy treatment, I am also taking part in a clinical research trail ‘The Cancer Molecular Screening and Therapeutics (MoST) Programme’ running out of the Garven Institute St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney results pending (6-8weeks).

    I look forward to any information or assistance you guys could offer me.

    Kindest Regards Murdo

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