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    It would have been Mum’s 66th Birthday this Month. We lost Mum last summer and our lives changed forever. Some days I forget she isn’t here when I want to call her and tell her about something that her Grandson has said or done, or simply just to chat about my day. We think our parents will live forever and then suddenly all that can change. Mum was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in Autumn 2018 and she was determined she ‘wasn’t going anywhere’, telling the hospital staff that she has children and grandchildren! she can’t leave them. She fought so hard and we realise now, she must have been in so much pain – both physical and emotional and yet she hung on for so much longer than anyone thought she would.

    Mum passed away in August 2019. When we finally got her to let us know anything she would like when it came to her funeral or her grave she simply said, ‘Pink roses. I would like there always to be pink roses’. So every week my Dad places pink roses for her on her grave and on her Birthday tomorrow there will be special pink roses just as she would have liked. ┬áMum loved the month of May, as her beloved garden burst into life and colour, beautiful and full of spring promise, just like her. We will hold her tomorrow, as we do everyday in our thoughts and hearts, cherishing precious memories.

    Tim (husband), Emma, Clara, Chris, Jess and all the grandchildren.

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    Dear Clara

    Thank you for sharing your Mum’s story during our In Memory Month. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Kindest regards


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