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    Hi all,

    My Mum has just been diagnosed with this cancer and I am wondering if anyone could help me with one question the hospital can’t seem to grasp. She has barely eaten or drunk for about 3 months and has been in hospital for 9 days now. They tell her to eat and drink but she is in so much pain she can’t and she said all food tastes disgusting.

    Please can anyone shed light on this for me? Is this normal for this terrible disease or may there be something else. She has pain in her upper stomach going round to her back.

    She had some fluid drained from her pelvic area last week.




    Dear Cathweeks

    I am very sorry to learn that your Mum has been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), and that she is so unwell and in hospital.

    If she hasn’t already done so, she must tell her nurses/doctors about the pain so that this can be properly addressed. If she can’t face eating, which could be because of the pain, or that any treatment she is on or has been on, eg chemotherapy, has affected her sense of taste,or simply because she is very unwell. Just as a suggestion, it might be worth asking about the special balanced nutrition drinks (Ensure is one of the brand names) that she could have to sip on during the day.

    With kindest regards to your and your Mum


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    Im sorry to hear about your mum. When my mum was diagnosed, she had jaundice, which was causing pain where you describe in your mum and also she said that food tasted horrible. This was due to the bile build up. Have a word with your mum’s doctors to look into this.


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