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    I am aged 71 and thought that I was back to fit & healthy after completing prostate cancer treatment about a year ago. I started participation (along with another 499,000 people) with the UK Biobank databank research project about 10 years ago. This involved basic physical health checks, dna test & computer ‘games’ to test memory, reaction time & problem solving ability. Over the intervening years I have completed detailed online questionares on lifestyle, exercise, diet, Pain & stress. In 2018 UK Biobank wanted to carry out MRI, Xray & ultrasound scans on 100,000 of the current participants. I went to their Reading scan centre & had MRI scans of my body & brain, Xrays of my spine & major joints & ultra sound scans of the arteries in my neck. I also had another 2 hrs of computer work. You aren’t given any of the scan results but they said that if they saw anything that might be life/health threatening that they would inform your GP. Well I had a call from my surgery that I should see my GP. The GP said that the MRI scan had shown a potential problem with my liver. The GP then requested a CT scan at the local hospital that showed I had secondary cancer in my liver, lungs & some lymph nodes. A subsequent liver biopsy ruled out the prostate being the primary, but the blood test results showed that the primary was intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
    So this was a complete shock as I had no symptoms of any sort. The 19-9 blood test level was 21,000 (normal 0-30) but my liver function test was normal. Despite the shock I am very relieved that it has been found earlier and that I am really a very fit & healthy man. I am being treated with Gem Cisplatin ( 6 cycles of 3 weeks)& after just 1 chemo session the 19-9 level has dropped to 9000. After 2 sessions the liver tumour has ‘died’ in the middle but the lung one is unchanged. After being told initially that my prognosis was 1 year the consultant is more hopeful that this can be pushed forward.

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    Dear Martin

    Welcome to AMMF’s forum and thank you for sharing your experience.

    To find out your diagnosis in such a way must have been very shocking for you but good to hear that your treatment is progressing in a positive way.

    If you have any specific queries regarding treatment there is a great deal of information here:

    Kind regards




    Thank you Julie. As I said standing back & looking at the situation from a distance, the cancer would not have stopped or gone away. So the UK Biobank did me great service in spotting the possible problem. Even though it had spread it is still in its very early stages.
    I had the UK Biobank scans done on the 4/12/18, GP appt 13/12/18, CT scan on 18/12/18, liver biopsy on 7/1/19, treatment started on the 1/2/19. It would have probably been a bit quicker if it hadn’t been over Xmas & New Year period. I am having the treatment at the excellent St Luke’s Guildford centre. They have also have a very good charity-run support group there called The Fountain Centre.

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