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    My Dad passed away on the 5th March after battling this horrendous cancer for 11 months.

    While I did not contribute much to the forums on this website, I would like to thank all those in AMMF and all the contributors for their updates and reports. I followed so many threads on these forums over my father’ journey in relation to peoples care and the treatments available. Dad received the best of care, but unfortunately the cancer could not be staved off. I do believe that advances are being made each year in tackling this cancer, and I would hope that more early screening and immunotherapy trials will become available.
    My Dad was an amazing man and faced his illness with hope, strength and resilience.

    My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost a loved one to this cancer, and for those who are battling it.



    Dear Cally

    We all so sorry to learn that you have lost your Dad to cholangiocarcinoma, and such a relatively short time after his diagnosis, too.
    Please accept the heartfelt sympathies of all of us at AMMF.

    Cholangiocarcinoma is indeed a devastating disease but now, thankfully, there is much work being done and we all hope that the day is not too far away when others will have a far better chance than your Dad.

    Your kinds words for AMMF and all who bravely share their stories on our forum are very much appreciated …

    In time, you might like to share a little about your Dad and his photo on the special area we have on AMMF’s website, Our CC Family. To see this area, just click the link:

    With kindest regards,


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