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    Hello Helen

    My husband was given information about what to expect (same as was given to him when he started radiotherapy, but I am not sure if he had read that), and also was given to him a phone number to call if needed, but because of his stubborness he didn’t want to call them (maybe he thought it was normal, didn’t want to bother, I don’t really know, I couldn’t understand his reasons).

    Fortunately seems someone in the hospital forgot to tell him he needed to do blood tests before next chemo and they called him to talk about it and they asked how he was feeling, so in the end he talked to a nurse about what was happening (I am not sure if they mentioned about being in crowded places and stuff, since he went alone to the chemo. I had to stay with our 2 years old son).

    My husband is feeling better now, not great, but better than before. He is not vomiting anymore but he is extremely tired (we couldn’t go out and do regular stuff like going to the supermarket because it exausts him walking even inside home). His appetite hasn’t improven much either.

    Apart from him not having taken the anti nausea medicines as he should have (he took too few or too much. It was prescirbed 3 a day for 5 days, he understood it was 5 a day for 3 days, and one day he took one, the other he took 2, and other days he took 5. I don’t know if taken it excessively would cause side effects like that or once the nause was triggered it is hard to control later), the nurse said he shouldn’t be that tired. One of the reasons maybe was because his body hasn’t yet recovered well from the radiotherapy and then he got the chemo over it. So he will try to have his blood tests done today, and then they will see if any dosage need to be adjusted. Hopefully his body will recover better and now taking the medicines for the side effects exactly as it was prescribed will help him.


    Thank you very much once again!




    Dear Jules

    It’s good to know your husband has been in contact with the hospital.  It will be helpful to them and, of course, to him to talk through what is happening and how he feels.

    The blood tests should show up if there’s anything happening that needs medical attention – and then the hospital can address this for him.  Although the main side effects will be well known, every person is different and can react differently to the treatments.  Fatigue is common, but if it’s extreme then the hospital team will do their best to find out why, and to address this for your husband.

    Hopefully, if your husband makes sure now to read all the information he is given, and to take the various medications at the right time and in the right dose it will help him to get through this treatment …

    And don’t forget yourself in all this.  With a two year old to care for, you must get exhausted.  If you get time and when you feel ready to, you might like to have a look at the Penny Brohn website, as they offer information and helpful advice not only to those with cancer, but also to those who support them.  See:   or even call them on their Helpline: 0303 3000 118.

    With kindest regards


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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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