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    Could people tell me how long it took to get their diagnosis from when they first went to see their gp.

    Also what tests they had along the way to diagnosis

    Thank you



    Dear Goose

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    Please follow this link to find out more about diagnosis and testingĀ

    Hopefully others will share their experiences with you.

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    Hello Goose, I will share a bit of our experience, but my husband was diagnosed in Brazil on private health service (that is fast), so I am not sure if that information will be helpful for you.

    We got an appointment on 22nd March 2018, on 23rd we had an ultrasound that showed a big tumour on left lobe of liver. On 24th we got an appointment with an Hepatologist that asked a Tomography (that confirmed the tumour and showed enlarged lymphnodes) and some more blood tests (all were normal except by Ca 19-9 that was really high). We were forwarded to a surgeon, operation was on 17th April. Until that point we didn’t know if it was malign, but even if it was benign it would have to be removed (it was by the size of a tennis ball). Only after operation biopsy was done and around 8th May we already knew it was a Cholangiocarcinoma.

    Hope it helped you somehow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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