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    Murdeo in Brisbane,

    Just wondering is anybody also trying holistic therapy in line with chemo; I was re-diagnosed with a secondary last year in the lymph node. I did heaps of research and cross referenced my findings with European – North American – South East Asian holistic journals, I only looked at items that had historical statistical data from clinical trials to back up there claims before I started to use herbal medicines.

    To date using holistic medicine in line with chemo cisplatin & gemcitabine the tumor has shrunk from 20mm to 5mm and my C19 markers fell form 1200 to 13 still holding.

    My oncologist still following protocol – now on gemcitabine two weeks on one week off, the last 3 monthly PET scan showing tumor no longer FD Avid and still only 5mm.

    Happy to share with others what and why I use or learn form your experience, my daily routine is as follows even on chemo day.

    5.30 – Herbal medicine
    5.45 – 10k cycle
    6.30 – 10 mins light cardio
    7.00 – Breakfast
    11.00 – Cold Pressed vegie juice – beetroot – carrot – ginger – wheatgrass.
    12.00 – Lunch
    5.00 – Herbal Medicine repeat morning apart from Cardio max
    5.30 – Dinner
    6.30 – 5k walk

    During the day – Drink detoxification tea – water – white tea – vegie juice
    During the day – Food – No saturated foods – No processed foods.
    During the day – Meditation 20min just after lunch.
    Weekly – Acupuncture day after chemo

    After chemo no side effects at all – looking at surgery as a option later on should no other tumors appear which is a far cry from the onset when I was given 6 months.

    Due to the fact that most oncologists only follow protocol due in no small part to the fear of litigation, Holistic and all other alternatives need to be driven by the patient, funny thing is when talking to my herbalist he has past and present oncologists as his clients.

    As a footnote research your herbalist check there quails, work history etc.; also just took part in a clinical trial on genetic testing called the MoST program, it was run out of Sydney Australia, has anyone else done genetic testing.

    Anyway good luck all hope to share some info.



    Dear Murdo

    That’s an impressive regime you have embarked on!

    Whilst AMMF is able to endorse a holistic approach to the care and treatment for cholangiocarcinoma patients, including aspects of diet, caffeine and sugar intake, alcohol and smoking, we are not able to actively promote or endorse any herbal or other remedies.

    We are very grateful to you for sharing your regime here, including your very positive and active attitude to your own situation which many will find inspirational and helpful.

    However, you don’t make any mention of what your herbal remedy consists of, and we would respectfully ask that you don’t share this information publically here on AMMF’s discussion board – for just the reasons you have given in your post …

    We should add a word of warning – many herbal remedies, including Chinese ones, are powerful and can react badly in certain individuals, whose immune systems may be weakened by their disease, and also with various chemotherapies.

    It should also be noted recent research has shown that taking various oil supplements, including fish oils and omega-3, and eating certain oily fish (eg herring, mackerel) can reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy. See: http://www.cancertherapyadvisor.com/general-oncology/cancer-chemotherapy-avoid-fish-oil-treatment-resistance/article/407105/

    Here in the UK there’s a very useful organisation, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, who offer holistic support and advice, including 1 to 1 consultations by phone or in person with integrative doctors, and can offer nutritional and supplement advice. For more information and their helpline, see: https://www.pennybrohn.org.uk

    In general, anyone wishing to take supplements or medicinal herbs of any sort, certainly whilst on chemotherapy, should speak to their consultant first.

    With very best wishes that your positive and active regime continues to reap benefits for you, Murdo …


    Please note: it is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations, and all details provided are for information purposes only.



    HI Helen

    Many thanks for your reply post, I will most definitely chance up the Penny Borhn cancer care to review any other successful holistic options that have also passed the clinical trials stage.

    You’re input about fish oil and omega 3 supplements made interesting reading. I will of course not share any information about herbs I use, I was merely interested to see if any others had similar regimes with effectiveness so I could cross reference against my regime, also a resent Perth study in Australia showed that exercise increased the effectiveness of chemo and reduced side effects of the drug.

    As a foot-note did you get any information about successful operations on secondary bile duct cancers. Thanks again for the contact name, I had a good chat with professor Zalcberg re bile duct treatment / the Her2 gene & genetic testing he was also interested to hear of any successful operations performed.

    I have also made contact with the other two Hospitals you gave me unfortunately they were both clinics style medical establishments i.e. Medical suites / consultation room, not really any use in CC or bile duct information.

    Have a great Easter kindest regards Mark, look forward in anticipation to your response regarding secondary operations.



    Penny Brohn Cancer Care is certainly worth following up, Murdo, their approach is definitely ‘holistic’, and they work with people at all stages in their cancer who may or may not be on conventional treatments …

    That’s really interesting about exercise, I did read about that and it certainly makes sense. As does anything that helps to keep the immune system strong, and to retain some feeling of ‘being in control’ of what’s going on.

    I’m very glad to know that the contact with Prof Zalcberg proved to be useful – if he’s at the IBTCC* meeting in Chicago in June, I’ll catch up with him there!

    Thanks for letting me know about those two other hospitals – we’d only just got those details and didn’t know if they would be useful or not – but you have done a great job for us, and now we know the answer!

    I haven’t forgotten about the surgery question, and I will email you about that shortly.

    Best regards,


    *IBTCC – International Biliary Tract Cancers Collaborators



    Hi Helen,

    I have emailed Penny Brohan cancer care to follow up on my holistic approach, waiting on contact person so I can email as using the phone not practical due to time zone.

    Kind Regards Murdo

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