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    Hi all, my Father aged 82 who lives on his own  was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma cancer 3 weeks ago. He has not been ill only severe jaundice. He was admitted into hospital after the 3rd time seeing his GP. Routine test done, no stents no chemo discharged last Friday with palliative nurse to tell him it is terminal and no further treatment would help. To he honest only the district nurse has popped in to see him, family helping as much as possible. Is this normal to he neglected and no further medical professional to see him on a daily basis? Not sure which way to turn. He is so poorly. Palliative nurse said he has 3/4 weeks to live, he doesn’t know this. Your support would be appreciated. Louise



    Dear Louise

    We are all so sorry to learn from your post that your father has been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma and, it seems, has been left with so little support, medical or otherwise.

    Usually, when a patient is given a terminal diagnosis, it should open up various avenues of care packages, etc.  Can you contact your father’s GP as a matter of urgency to see what plans his doctor has for his continuing care – this would certainly be a good first step. The surgery should be able to advise about social services care packages that could be activated now.   If your father has any symptoms from his jaundice that are causing him problems, then again ask the GP about this, as these should certainly be addressed.  (Please remember just to check with your father that he is happy for you to speak to his doctor on his behalf.)

    You might also find it useful to contact organisations such as Marie Curie, or Macmillan for further general advice.  Direct links can be found on AMMF website on the helpful links page:  

    I hope some of the above is helpful for you …

    With kindest regards


    Please note it is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations, and all details provided are for information purposes only.


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