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    Three weeks ago my father took ill, with jaundice, sickness and dark urine.  He got admitted to hospital and we were told it was initially a burst gallbladder, 2 CT Scans and MRI later, we were advised a Tumor had been found.

    On Wednesday my dad had a ERPC and a metal stent put in place to help the Jaundice and brushed biopsy taken.. He is in no pain and apart from Tiredness and bad Jaundice he is great.

    His discharge paperwork states that he has a malignant 1cm Extraheptatic Tumor, and the consultant advised it was resectable (removable) if the next surgeon felt he was fit enough etc to go through the surgery.

    He is 68.  We now have to wait 14days for definative biopsy results but I wondered if anyone had been in this situation?

    Does he have a fighting chance of being with us for months or years if they cannot remove it?

    If fully removed could he survive longer?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, my heart is broken 💔

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    Dear Highflyer

    Welcome to AMMF’s Forum, although we are very sorry to learn from your post that it seems your father has extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

    It’s good that your father’s consultant feels that this tumour is resectable as surgery is currently the only potentially curative treatment for cholangiocarcinoma, but, as quite rightly mentioned, whether or not this is possible would depend on your father’s general fitness as it will entail very major surgery.

    (There’s some brief information on AMMF’s website about the reasons why surgery may not be possible, here: https://ammf.org.uk/surgery-for-cholangiocarcinoma-and-why-it-may-not-be-possible/)

    If surgery isn’t possible then there is chemotherapy, and a number of targeted therapies that are coming along now – although currently most of these are clinical trials.

    It’s always hard to wait, but once you have the biopsy results, your father will then be in the best position to discuss his treatment pathway with his consultant.

    For your further information, there is a wealth of information about all things to do with cholangiocarcinoma on AMMF’s website: http://www.ammf.org.uk

    And you might like to consider joining the Facebook group, ‘Cholangiocarcinoma Support (UK & Europe)’.  This is a private group, so you would need to request to join, but it’s a very active and helpful group where you can ask your questions.

    To join the group, just follow the link and then click the ‘Join Group’ button.


    I hope some of the above is helpful for you, and that others also come in on this thread to share their experiences with you.

    With kindest regards


    Please note: AMMF is not a medical institution and none of us is medically trained.  Therefore, it is not appropriate for AMMF to give medical advice or recommendations, and all details we give are provided for information purposes only.


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