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    Hi.  My father has been recently diagnosed and went into hospital for a liver re-section but the operation was abandoned as it was also in the artery.  He was discharged and told he would be referred to The Christie Hospital, and 6 weeks later we have discovered he was only referred last week.  Meanwhile his physical and mental health have significantly deteriorated.  I was just wondering how long people had to wait following diagnosis for an appointment with the Oncologist regarding pallative treatment.



    Dear Vickster29

    We’re all really sorry to learn from your post that not only has your father been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, but that he’s had to endure a failed resection.  This is just the most difficult situation to be in ….

    It is surprising that his referral has taken so long.  Unfortunately, it pays to be pro active in these situations because, with the pressures on the NHS and the delays that happen, the staff may well not be aware of how urgent this situation is and just be making an appointment to fit in with the general targets and guidelines.

    Now you know the referral has finally been made, if your father has been given contact details, bearing in mind the wait he has already had, then it might be worth chasing to see when the actual appointment will be.

    No doubt others will be able to share their experiences with you …

    With kindest regards


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    Thanks Helen for your reply.  I am a qualified nurse and work for the NHS.  I have been non stop chasing referrals, contacted PALS, even tried to get an appointment privately but no success.  I have liaised with everyone and anyone and put in complaints but have still not got anywhere.  Today I have contacted his GP and requested a referral to Pallative Care Team as he has no point of contact which I am utterly appalled at.  I am ashamed to say I work for the NHS at this present time.  He has been treated like a nobody, breaks my heart.


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