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    My wife was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with a cholangioma detected after she developed jaundice with and abnormal liver enzymes. She had been ill for a few weeks with loss of appetite and fatigue. The tumour was blocking the bile duct. A full body PET scan just over a week ago show the cancer had got into the lymph nodes but there was no signs of it anywhere else. The tumour is not huge and is not causing ascites or an enlarged abdomen.

    They started draining the bile using a percutaneous drain from the gall bladder which worked well lowering the bilirubin and has been on it about 18 days. Last week on Tuesday they fitted a stent but kept the drain in in case the stent did not work. Currently it is only allowing a small amount of bile through.

    Two days after the stent was fitted she started to deteriorate rapidly with confusion, difficulty speaking, more fatigue and acute pain in the abdomen. The pain is so severe it makes her twitch and stiffen up.

    Anyone who has had a stent seen this before?



    Dear Gg72

    Firstly we are very sorry to learn that your wife has been recently diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience on AMMF’s forum. I am sure other’s will come in and share their thoughts and offer support.

    AMMF also has a very active patient support group on Facebook you might find helpful . It is a private space for all whose lives have been touched by cholangiocarcinoma in any way to share their concerns, information, knowledge and friendship with others.

    ‘Cholangiocarcinoma Support (UK & Europe)’ is especially for those in the UK and Europe, but open to all across the globe.

    If you would like to join the group – just follow the link and then click the Join Group button.

    Kindest regards


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