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    Vivien Walker

    Hello,  my dad died of bile duct cancer a year ago and I have been searching for the reason why?…….. Bile duct cancer statistics are rising in the western world and so far there is no answer. I have looked into my dad’s medication he was taking over a period of time and the only one that stands out for me is this one – studies indicate on the web a link, is there anyone out there that might agree, any family, carers or professionals that could look into this.  I will continue to search for an answer because I want to know why my dad was taken from us so cruely.



    I’m so sorry to learn that you lost your Dad to bile duct cancer fairly recently, Vivien – all of us at AMMF send you our sincere sympathies in this sad loss.

    You are quite right in that bile duct cancer is increasing in incidence and, in fact, the age of those affected is getting lower. We know there a some risk factors, and that there are other suspected risk factors but, to date, no one seems to know why this disease is affecting an increasing number of people nor what is causing this. (Apart from South East Asia, and especially Thailand, where the known risk factor is the liver fluke, which is in the river fish eaten by the rural population).

    Currently thinking is that environmental toxins, coupled with a particular genetic disposition, must be responsible …

    Fosamax (alendronic acid), is thought to have been/be responsible for some cases of bile duct cancer – information I have seen mentions 5 cases found in 70,000 people taking this drug. There is no doubt it is a powerful drug which has to be taken correctly, can interact with other medications, and have various side effects. So, whilst it could be that triggered your father’s bile duct cancer, sadly you will probably never know for sure what the cause was.

    I’m sure other people will be along to add more information to my comments.



    Hello……my wife died in Feb this year due to this cancer, she was also a coeliac and took Fosamax as she also had a mineral deficiency in her bones…..not heard of this possibly being a cause of her cancer and is very interesting, sadly it won’t bring her back but more exposure surely should help someone else.

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