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    ABC-06 is a 2nd line chemotherapy trial, suitable for those who have had already had the Gemcitabine/Cisplatin chemotherapy, or who now have metastatic disease.

    However, this is a randomized trial with two arms –

    Active Symptom Control with ‘OxMdG’ chemotherapy (Oxaliplatin, L-folinic acid & 5FU)

    – against –

    Active Symptom Control

    AMMF has been informed this week (26.09.16) that patients taking part in either arm of this trial may also participate in relevant Phase I trials, if eligible.

    So if the decision is made to go for ABC-06, but you are randomised to the Active Symptom Control arm you can be considered for any suitable Phase I trial straight away*.

    For those randomised to the chemotherapy arm, at least 28 days after their last chemotherapy treatment should be allowed before starting a Phase I trial.

    For more information about this, and contact details, see:

    *This should always be done in consultation with the ABC-06 trial office.

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